What Are Dental Veneers And How to Afford them

The rage with dental veneers will be slow to subside. It seems that almost everybody intends to get veneers outfitted on their teeth sometime in the near future, preferably when they have the funds to do so. Dental veneers have come be the preferred means to revamping a smile since they don’t require a lengthy treatment period as due orthodontics like braces. Cosmetic dentists have been able to capitalize on this, outfitting celebrities and others with these porcelain restorations that can easily be confused for your natural teeth.

Dental veneers are attached atop your existing teeth after they have been reshaped with a dental drill. This portion of the procedure is often painless since patients are administered some anesthesia. The veneers are then fabricated from a mold taken of the reshaped teeth, and are attached using a bonding cement. The result is a flawless, natural looking smile that can last for a decade or more. The downside to the procedure is that it can be costly. Prices soaring as high as $2,000 per tooth are sure to make most people cringe. New alternatives have been devised to serve financially challenged patients, like the Den-mat snap on smile device.

Since many dentists now offer financing more and more people are finding it affordable to transform their smile. Whether or not dentists recommend dental veneers to their patients is entirely relative. Some patients would be better suited pursuing an orthodontic course of treatment if they have otherwise healthy teeth. In this case, dental veneers might be ill-advised. On the other hand, someone with several tooth chips might find more satisfying results from porcelain veneers than they would from ongoing tooth bonding treatments. Similarly, someone with chronic tooth discoloration as opposed to a slight yellowish tint on their teeth might better benefit from dental veneers.

Most dentists are wary of recommending this procedure as it requires permanent modification of the teeth. Once the tooth enamel comes off, it is never going back. Setting up a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is the only acceptable avenue for determining whether or not you really stand to benefit from this procedure. If you don’t know where to look for a quality provider in your area, ask your general dentist for a referral. If cost is a concern, don’t forget that financing is available for those who qualify. Also, keep in mind that is a fair amount of variability in the amount cosmetic dentists charge for particular procedure. So, it doesn’t hurt to shop around provided that you judge each dentist based on other merits as well. Take the steps today to get in touch with a cosmetic dentist to put you a step closer to that new smile!

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